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In recent years, people in the US have woken to the fact that mosquitoes are not simply a nuisance but a potential public health threat. News reports of small outbreaks of mosquito borne diseases have convinced many people that residential mosquito control is a worthwhile investment.

In response, a plethora of mosquito franchises have spread throughout the United States. These companies offer “barrier treatment,” which means they spray pyrethroids, pesticides that attack the nervous system of insects, on plants, trees, and structures around the home in an effort to kill mosquitoes.

Many of these companies  also install mosquito misting systems, which spray pesticides throughout the property at pre-programmed intervals. They are similar to a drip irrigation system for watering plants, with the exception that the misting systems spray pesticides instead of water.

This approach bugs us for three reasons:

  1. Pyrethorids are dangerous for children, pets, and adults.
  2. Pyrethorids are extremely dangerous for honey bees.
  3. Spraying Pyrethroids into the environment unnecessarily courts pesticide resistance in mosquitoes.

At Mosquito Musketeers we are not ideologically against the use of pesticides. In fact we are licensed in Virginia, Maryland, and DC to use pesticides commercially. What we are against is the irresponsible use of pesticides.  And with residential mosquito control the all natural products that we use are just as effective as they pesticides used by our competitors without the harmful side effects. Furthermore, our superior knowledge of mosquito biology and habits increases our success rate high above the industry average.

We’ve devised a unique all natural mosquito control program to compete with the large pesticide franchises. Our protocols were developed from the best practices that the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) created with help from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Our process is simple:

  1. Surveillance
  2. Egg and Larval Control
  3. Adult Control
  4. Client Knowledge

This four step approach allows us to successfully treat mosquitoes on your property without the use of harmful products. Call us today to learn more.

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