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mosquito treatment for special eventsWe at Mosquito Musketeers  want to make sure your special events gets off without a hitch. No matter how beautiful the location or delicious the food, guests simply won’t enjoy themselves if they are being bitten by mosquitoes.

Make sure your special event is as enjoyable as possible for your guests by having the Musketeers provide a pre event all natural mosquito treatment. All natural mosquito treatments are perfect for weddings, children’s birthday parties, graduations parties and any time you want to have a large group together enjoying the outdoors protected from mosquitoes.

Call the Musketeers and we’ll happily provide a quote for your special event. A Musketeer will arrive and treat the outdoor area of your special event 24-48 hours prior to the event. This will maximize efficiency so you can enjoy your event mosquito free.

mosquito treatment for special events

Our spray is 100% natural and therefore safe for children and pets. It’s made of lemongrass, garlic, cedar and peppermint oils. Therefore you won’t have to worry about guests having sensitivity issues as they might with a conventional pesticide application.

Call us today to discuss making your event Mosquito free.

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