Residential Mosquito Control

Mosquito Musketeers’ eco-friendly treatment kills and repels mosquitoes from your property.

residential mosquito treatment and control for homes and backyardsNo matter how pleasant the weather or gorgeous the landscaping, unwelcome mosquitos will make your yard unusable during the best months of the year. And due to mosquito borne diseases, their presence is not only a nuisance, but a potential threat.

In response, many companies have begun spraying synthetic pesticides. Pesticide sprays are harmful to children and pets who play in the yard. They kill bees and other pollinators, while generating pesticide resistance in mosquitoes and ticks.

Mosquito Musketeers will help you enjoy a mosquito-free yard without exposing yourself, children, and pets to harmful pesticides. Routine application of our all-natural sprays is the best way to protect your family and the planet.

What to Expect

We are a locally owned, family-run business–not a big franchise. When you call you us you will be immediately connected to a friendly musketeer who can answer any questions and arrange for one of our Musketeer technicians to come as soon as possible to treat your yard.

The technician will knock on the door to let you know that he has arrived. You don’t need to be home during the mosquito control treatment, but if you are, we are happy to answer any questions about the process. We will perform an all-natural treatment on the exterior of your property. When completed, the technician will send you an email letting you know that the treatment was completed and include customized instructions for identifying and eliminating mosquito breeding sites on your property.

Our Treatment Method

Mosquito Musketeers technicians use commercial backpack sprayers that blow a fine mist of our all-natural spray diluted with water. The technician will strategically spray areas where mosquitoes breed, feed, and hide such as shrubs, trees, under porches and outdoor structures, on fences and along the foundation. This will kill mosquitoes on the property and create a barrier that keeps mosquitoes out for around three weeks. Technicians will also dump any standing water and treat stagnant water pools with eco-friendly mosquito dunks.

Our All-Natural Spray

Our spray is 100% natural and therefor safe for people, pets, plants and pollinators. It’s made of lemongrass, garlic, cedar and peppermint oils. And it works great!

Unlike pesticide treatments, your yard is safe to play on 30 minutes after treatment. Also, if you grow food, such as tomatoes or herbs, they are not negatively impacted by our treatment and safe to eat.

Speaking of crops, did you know that one third of our food is pollinated thanks to busy bees? But bees have been disappearing in large numbers partially because of overuse of synthetic pesticides. Pesticides have also give rise to chemical-resistant super bugs that need ever-stronger chemicals to be killed. A vicious cycle we Musketeers just don’t want to be part of. That’s why Mosquito Musketeers and our sister company Superior Bed Bug Solutions never use chemicals—only non-toxic, natural methods.

Mosquito Control Packages

We offer single treatments to clients who want to test the effectiveness or don’t want to commit to a multi-treatment package. If you like the service, just ask us to return and we’ll do it again for the same low rate. If you are convinced, you may consider signing up for a seasonal package which includes treatments every three weeks for a discounted rate. Signing up for a summer package will not only keep your property mosquito and tick free and save you money, but will also but the process on autopilot have to worry about it. Package options must be prepaid.

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