Arlington Virginia Mosquito Detection and Remediation Treatment

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We provide environmentally friendly mosquito control to commercial offices and residential homes using natural, non-toxic treatment to all apartments, condominiums, homes, townhomes, college dorms, hotels and other businesses throughout Arlington Virginia including: Clarendon, Arlandria, Arlingwood, Fort Myer, Ballston VA, Cherrydale, Claremont, Colonial Village, Dominion Hills, Forest Glen, Columbia Heights, Leeway Overlee, Lyon Park VA, Rock Spring, Madison Manor, Maywood, Nauck, North Highlands, Old Glebe, Parkway, Pentagon City VA, Rivercrest, Riverwood, Rossyln, Stonewall Jackson, Virginia Square, Waverly Hills, Westover Virginia, Williamsburg, Shirlington Virginia, Yorktown and Crystal City VA.

If you are looking for an mosquito protection method, make sure to call us today.

If you are experiencing mosquito bites or suspect mosquitoes are in your home or business call us today for professional detection services and safe removal and elimination of your mosquito problems.

Mosquito Musketeers technicians use commercial backpack sprayers that blow a fine mist of our all-natural spray diluted with water. The technician will strategically spray areas where mosquitoes breed, feed, and hide such as shrubs, trees, under porches and outdoor structures, on fences and along the foundation. This will kill mosquitoes on the property and create a barrier that keeps mosquitoes out for around three weeks. Technicians will also dump any standing water and treat stagnant water pools with eco-friendly mosquito dunks.

Our spray is 100% natural and therefor safe for people, pets, plants and pollinators. It’s made of lemongrass, garlic, cedar and peppermint oils. And it works great!

Unlike pesticide treatments, your yard is safe to play on 30 minutes after treatment. Also, if you grow food, such as tomatoes or herbs, they are not negatively impacted by our treatment and safe to eat.

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