Top Ten Things To Limit Mosquito Bites:

  1. Wear pants and shoes – Aedes Albopictus bites ankles – no flippy floppies
  2. Wear florescent and loose clothing – Asian Tiger is attracted to dark colors and can bite through clothing that does not have a close knit.
  3. Monitor your property closely for artificial and natural containers that will collect and hold rain water
  4. Keep grass and bushes trimmed, leaves racked to create maximum sunlight on your property.
  5. Avoid tunnels and other damp areas that do not get sunlight. Aedes mosquitoes prefer shade and will generally only fly into sunlit areas to feed. This means that if your property has a lot of shaded areas it will harbor Asian Tiger mosquitoes. Shade also slows the evaporation of water from containers so creates breeding sites for these Mosquitoes.
  6. Check your rain gutters cleaned every year so that they are not clogged which will result in water stagnation and larval development.
  7. Avoid going out and dawn and dusk. Both daytime and nighttime feeding mosquitoes will bite at these times
  8. Check window and door screens to ensure they are in good condition and seal tightly
  9. Encourage friends, family, and neighbors to follow these recommendations also.
  10. Sign up for an all natural mosquito protections program from a company like Mosquito Musketeers.
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