People often ask us what attracts mosquitoes? And why do I get bitten up while they ignore my wife?

Here are a few mosquito attractants:

Mosquitoes do seem to favor people with certain blood types. One experiment showed that people with O blood types were two times more likely to be bitten than those with type B and that type B was twice as likely to be bitten as Type A. This is true for the 85% of people who have a chemical secretion that reveals their blood type to mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are attracted to CO2. Therefore, they are attracted to larger people and pregnant women who emit more CO2 than other people.

Mosquitoes may also go after people who have been drinking a lot of beer because of their increased CO2 emission and warmer body temperature.

Lactic acid – comes out when you sweat but they have found that mosquitoes really like it when sweat dries. So if you are going for a run, run fast! And if you relax outside after your workout and allow to sweat to dry – you will become a mosquito magnet.

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